Support for Genomics Reference Resource for African Cattle

  • Summary of discussion to-date on the topic: Do you consider building a genomics reference resource for African cattle to be a worthwhile investment – why or why not?


    In favour?

    The majority of people who commented on this question were in favour of establishing the resource, with some raising pertinent issues related to resource utility and design (see below). These participants were challenged to expand on how they thought the resource would be useful (responses are still coming in)

    A minority of people did not feel the resource was a current priority – in relation to AnGR use they felt emphasis would be better placed on establishing basic, functional genetic improvement programs (linked to delivery systems), as well as capacity building on animal breeding / genomics in general.


    Key points raised in relation to increasing the utility of the resource or on resource design:

    • Design must lead to exciting and useful results generated from the early investment, to provide incentives for future investments
    • Animals should be strategically sampled e.g. influential sires
    • Link to phenomic characterization of animals will increase the utility of the resource





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