Current use of genomics / genetics in African livestock systems

  • Below is a summary of contributions to date on the topic “What (real) examples of the application of genomic or genetic information to African livestock production systems (regardless of species) do we have to-date, and what was successful or not successful about these, and why”

    Updated 22nd August, 2016

    Application Country Species / traits Intended use Actual use Contributor
    Genetic diversity/population structure Nigeria Goats,

    some sheep, chicken,

    few cattle

    Abdulmojeed Yakubu
    Cameroon Cattle To inform breeding and conservation decisions Ngono Ema
    Pathogen detection / disease diagnostics Nigeria Swine, cattle, poultry Animal health applications, championed by

    National Veterinary Institute

    Oladeji Bamidele


    Abdulmojeed Yakubu

    Breed composition of admixed populations Senegal Cattle Comparison of productivity and household profit for keeping different breed-types – to create an evidence base for a genetic improvement strategy Karen Marshall
    Rwanda Cattle  Identification of bull calves as a source of germplasm and breeding lines, in relation to a ‘One Cow per Family’ program Mizeck Chagunda
    Kenya Cattle-dairy Feeding into test of genomic prediction ability (see below) Raphael Mrode
    Breeding program using genomic predictions Kenya Cattle – dairy Test of genomic prediction ability  (using GBLUP & Bayes C; 1000 genotyped and phenotyped crossbred animals)


    Raphael Mrode
    Identification of underlying genes / gene-networks Nigeria Cattle (local) – heat tolerance & productivity Genetically improved animals Oladeji Bamidele


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  1. PATRICIA August 18, 2016 Reply

    the wind is blowing southwards now, we will now study the Malawi breed composition


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  2. Hagos Abraham August 18, 2016 Reply

    To do to be! If we work hard, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!


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