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Registration: How do I sign up?

To register for this site click on the Registration Button on the front page. Fill in your account details. Please use your real name and choose a username people can identify you with. Write down your username and password and click on ‘Complete sign up’ The site sent you a confirmation mail containing an activation […]

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Building a genomic reference resource on African cattle

Here we will discuss the need and potential for a Genomics Reference Resource for African Cattle – which is a collated and publicly accessible set of sequence information on African cattle breeds. The sequence information would be contributed by African countries and potentially other partners to the initiative, with the intent that such information will […]

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Using genomic information on cattle in Africa

Here we are discussing the applications of genomic (or genetic) information on cattle in Africa, both in the near future (next 5 years) and longer term. Some potential applications are given below (see also this post on the potential role of genomics for African cattle)   We are currently discussing two topics in relation to […]

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